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Who doesn’t love Candy Apples? These homemade, delectable and creative treats come in many different flavors that will certainly please anyone’s craving for something sweet and savory!


Caramel Delight
A granny smith apple dipped in creamy caramel and loaded with premium pecans!

Classic Caramel
A granny smith apple dipped in creamy caramel… a traditional caramel apple.

M&M Extravaganza
A juicy Granny Smith Caramel coated apple loaded with plain (no peanuts) M & M’s one you have to see to believe!

Kitchen Sink
Topped with everything, but the kitchen sink is pure joy for your taste buds!

Turtle Delight Gourmet Pear
A crisp Bosc Pear dipped in creamy caramel rolled in premium pecans drizzled with white and milk chocolate.

Classic Red
Classic Red Delicious Apples with or without peanuts.

Caramel Chocolate Gourmet Pear
Tantalize your tastebuds with this caramel and chocolate topped gourmet pear!

Snickers Delight
A granny smith apple dipped in creamy caramel rolled in premium pecans drizzled with milk and white chocolate a true crowd pleaser!

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Online Ordering, Shipping & Takeout Available 

 Tummy-Yum Yum has the very best of gourmet delights! They're the perfect sweet treats for any occasion. From delicious candied apples to chocolate covered strawberries and delectable cupcakes and cakes - have them delivered to you or order ahead for pick-up.  Shop the entire collection here!

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Disclaimer: During the summer months and warm weather Tummy-Yum Yum Gourmet Candy Apples cannot guarantee that melting will not occur. We will do our best to package our products with dry ice & ice packs. But cannot be responsible for melted products incurred during the shipping process and/or the condition of our product upon arrival. 

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